Top Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer


Even though personal injury victims can pursue their claim on their own, it is very much advisable for them to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer like Gordon & Gordon. Here are some of the top reasons for you to hire a personal injury lawyer for your case.

Improve Chances of Winning

Hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer is certainly one of the best strategic steps that you can make for your claim. Pursuing the claim on your own, or even representing yourself in trial, is generally not advisable. Without the experience and knowledge of a personal injury lawyer at , the insurance agency may employ tactics to take advantage of your situation and to protect themselves. Personal injury lawyers lawyers have the necessary experience, knowledge, and training that they use when dealing with insurance companies and in establishing a strong case. A personal injury lawyer can boost the likelihood that you will receive a higher settlement by using their experience and abilities. Most of the time, they have also built relationships with outside experts, such as medical professionals or even private investigators. These relationships can help build your case to receive the best possible settlement.

Statute of Limitations

Many victims of accidents who choose not to hire a personal injury lawyer often run into the Statutes of Limitations. These are cut-off periods of time, after which your claim is extinguished.  If you fail to file your complain within the designated period, you will be unable  to recover against the adverse party and/or his insurance company. You also lose the right to sue them. Varying statutes of limitations are applicable for different types of claims, depending on whether it is a third-party claim or a first party claim. Hiring a personal injury lawyer at will ensure that you do not make this mistake.

Good Communication

Another reason to hire a local personal injury lawyer is the convenience and ease in the communication process. By hiring a personal injury lawyer, you give him access to evidence and documentation surrounding the accident like pictures, medical bills, and everything else that will assist them in building your case. In return, he will ensure that he is able to protect your interests by communicating them to the insurance companies, the courts, or the adverse parties efficiently and in legally acceptable terms. Just make sure that you choose one that is local to you since it can be difficult, particularly when you are still suffering from injuries, to travel long distances to see your lawyer.